What is Resilience?

/rəˈzilyəns/ noun:

a positive adaptation despite significant adversity


CARE Coalition incorporates a strengths-based approach to preventing and addressing substance misuse in Transylvania County youth.

Resilience is a skill, process, and outcome that helps individuals cope with stressful events in their life–small or large. 

By promoting a resilient community, we can prevent substance abuse and minimize its negative impacts on people’s lives. 

Below are some resources to learn more and to start practicing your very own resilience!

Resilience On-The-Go

Reset your nervous system by trying these simple steps.

You can try these in your car, at your work, or while caring for your children!

Learn resiliency techniques online

The YouTube channel “Therapy in a Nutshell” has playlists on anxiety, depression, grounding activities, and how to help a friend with mental illness.

Learn more about raising resilient children

Harvard University’s Center on the Developing Child has a Youtube channel that details the importance of childhood in creating healthy futures. Coalition partner Get Set Transylvania works to support families, schools, and neighborhoods in creating a community where our young ones can thrive, fostering youth empowerment in Brevard and Transylvania County.