Resources to Help Employers Address Substance-Related Issues in the Workplace

Substance misuse affects employees, workplaces, families, and communities. When employers are proactive about preventing and responding to substance use issues, it benefits the employee and the people that surround them.

Learn more about how prevention & recovery are good for employees & good for business!

Change the conversation.

Substance use disorder is a preventable and treatable illness. Stigma remains one of the biggest barriers to seeking treatment.

During the height of the “war on drugs,” many derogatory and stigmatizing terms were introduced that have impacted the way we perceive people who misuse substances.

By choosing language that recognizes the individual as a person worthy of compassion and care, we can begin to dismantle the stigma associated with addiction.

Watch this video about how changing our language can make a big difference.

Try “Person-First” Language.

Person-first language is proven to reduce stigma and improve treatment. Person-first language does not define a person based on their drug use.


Click the toggles below to learn some less stigmatizing alternatives.

Addict, Druggie, Junkie

Try: person with a substance use disorder


Try instead: not actively using

A clean/dirty drug screen

Try instead: testing negative/positive for drug use

Drug habit

Try instead: substance use disorder

Former addict

Try instead: person in recovery

Calculate the cost of substance use for your business.

Use this simple tool to calculate how much substance use is costing your business.

Investigate policies that promote wellness.

Alcohol, drugs, and tobacco can all affect your employees health and your business. Click here for some tips to promote prevention and recovery.


Promote safe storage & disposal.

 Contact us for a free medication lock box. Encourage employees to keep all substances (including alcohol & tobacco) out of reach.

Promote the DEA’s Drug Take Back Day.

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