About the CARE Coalition

We envision a healthy, vibrant Transylvania County, free of substance misuse & underage drinking.

What started as a small group of concerned community members representing several sectors across the county, has grown into a large coalition with 75+ members and partners committed to reducing substance use and empowering youth in Transylvania County.

Since 2010, the coalition has and continues to work to change community norms, reduce access and availability of drugs and alcohol, promote recovery, and reduce harm.

The “real” work of the coalition is done in project teams that focus on underage drinking, opiates, nicotine, community collaboration, and youth. These teams focus on implementing evidence-based strategies to raise awareness of substance misuse and underage drinking, build protective factors for youth, and change policies and environments in Transylvania County.

The CARE Coalition is supported by paid staff but is advised and relies heavily on the decisions and work of its members. These members are representatives from throughout the community, including these 12 key sectors:

  • Youth
  • Parents
  • Business Community
  • Media
  • School
  • Youth Serving Organizations
  • Law Enforcement
  • Substance Misuse Organizations
  • Healthcare
  • Civic and Volunteer Groups
  • Religious and Fraternal Organizations


DFC Grant

The Drug-Free Communities (DFC) grant is the CARE Coalition’s main source of funding and the main driving force behind the work that we do. The DFC grant can be granted for a total of ten years but is separated into years 1-5 and years 6-10. Coalitions are required to reapply for years 6-10 to be able to continue their work. In 2019, the CARE Coalition was awarded years 6-10 of the grant, $125,000 per year, to continue the coalition’s work on substance misuse prevention among Brevard-area youth through 2024!

Dogwood Health Trust Grant

The Dogwood Health Trust grant provides $300,000 funding through 2024 to prepare Transylvania County for the distribution of the NC Opioid Settlement. Work in this grant includes developing a thoroughly researched list of recommendations to allocate Opioid Settlement monies, dismantling interpersonal and systemic stigma against people who use drugs, educating professionals who intersect with SUD, and collaborating to improve the behavioral health workforce.

COSSUP grant

The Comprehensive Opioid, Stimulant, and Substance Use Program (COSSUP) provides $600,000 in funding for two full-time jail-based staff through 2024. Recognizing that about 80% of justice-involved folks are living with SUD and mental health conditions, these professionals provide detainees with evidence-based treatment and reentry case management. The goals of this program are to support detainees so they can reenter the community and become happy, healthy, and productive. Through this, we aim to reduce recidivism, reduce violent incidences in the jail, increase access to treatment and other social supports and reduce overdose.

ABC Board Funding

Our local ABC Board in Transylvania County generously gives to the CARE Coalition as a source of ongoing support for our youth coalition,Voice of Students