On Nov 16th, 2023, The CARE Coalition hosted a community information session as an opportunity for community members and stakeholders to learn more about North Carolina’s Opioid Settlement Fund. This session reviewed the details and requirements of North Carolina’s opioid settlement funds and CARE’s proposed recommendations for Transylvania County. Those in attendance learned about the specific recommendations for the opioid settlement funds that will be shared with the Transylvania County Board of Commissioners for their consideration and approval and about the process in which CARE developed these recommendations.

North Carolina is one of 46 states receiving funds over 18 years as part of a national settlement from pharmaceutical companies that made and sold opiates. This landmark funding from the settlement will provide services and resources to communities affected by the opioid epidemic. Prior to receiving funds, local governments are encouraged to have a plan in place demonstrating evidence-based approaches in alignment with the required strategies and capacity of the community to implement them. The CARE Coalition researched and completed a strategic plan in 2021 to identify key priorities of how best to use the settlement funds.

The CARE Coalition will present these recommendations to the Transylvania County Board of Commissioners on Dec. 11th at 4:30 pm. For more information on the NC Opioid Settlement Fund and the recommendations for Transylvania County, please visit these links: Opioid Settlement Fund: Community Information Session Presentation| NC Opioid Settlement One-Pager. You can also contact the CARE Coalition at carecoalition@transylvaniacounty.org or 828-884-1750.