Get Involved in Addressing Substance Misuse


Parents are the front line in preventing youth substance abuse. It might seem like they’re not listening, but 76% of North Carolina teens think they’d be less likely to try underage drinking if their parents talked to them about it. Parents often have more of an impact than they realize. Learn more about how to start the conversation and reduce underage drinking in Transylvania County.


When we make Transylvania County better for our kids, we make it better for everyone. Join the CARE Coalition in keeping our kids as pure and valued as our natural resources and cultural opportunities.


We value our kids even more than we value our abundant natural resources and unique cultural opportunities. We support teens in leading happy, healthy, and productive lives. Learn more about how local teens can be a part of a drug-free future and make a difference here in Transylvania County.


Community coalition volunteers can join us in supporting a healthy, vibrant Transylvania County for all of us–especially our youth. Learn how you can lend a hand!

Interested in participating in CARE Coalition meetings or events?  Contact us at