What We Do

To achieve its vision of a healthy, vibrant Transylvania County, free of substance misuse and underage drinking, the CARE Coalition strives to create environmental change; that is, change that impacts the community as a whole, focusing on increasing the “protective factors” for youth.

See our Annual Reports for specific accomplishments.

2016 Annual Report

2017 Annual Report

2018-2019 Annual Report

2020 Annual Report

2021 Annual Report

2022 Annual Report

2023 Annual Report

These research and evidence-based activities fall under one or more of the strategies below:


Seven Strategies to Effect Community Change


Provide Informationconducting presentations, workshops, media campaigns, web-based communications to reduce substance misuse and increase youth empowerment.

Provide Supportsupporting people or organizations that reduce risk of and enhance protection against substance use disorder and underage drinking.

Enhance Skills–conducting activities designed to increase skills of participants, members, and staff to achieve population level outcomes.

Enhance Access/Reduce Barriers–improving systems and processes to increase ease and ability to utilize important services.

Change Consequences (Incentives/Disincentives)–increasing or decreasing probability of a specific behavior by altering the consequences.

Change Physical Design–changing the physical structure of the environment to reduce risk or enhance protection.

Modifying Policiesformally changing written procedures, laws, and policies to reduce the risk of substance misuse in Transylvania County.